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Home > Products > Optical Brightener for Detergent > Optical Brightener CXT
Product name : Optical Brightener CXT
Item : 20173914835
CAS NO. : 16090-02-1
CI. NO. : 71
HS NO. : 320420
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Molecular formula: C40H38N12O8S2Na2
Relative molecular weight: 924.93 (according to international relative atom mass, 1997)

Maximum absorptive ultraviolet wavelength: 350nm

Exeutive standard: HG/T3675-2000

Quality indicators:




used in detergent

used in textiles

1) Appearance

white or straw yellow uniform powder

2) Ultraviolet absorption (E) ≥



3) Brightening efficiency (compare with standard) , %



4) Color light (compare with standard)


similar to-quite low

5) Water content, % ≤


6) Insolubel impurities in water, % ≤


7) Fineness (425um residue) , % ≤


Properteis and characteristics:

Optical Brightener CXT is a recognized excellent brightener for detergent, with improved acid resistance and perborate resistance. It can be used to brighten cellulose fibers, polyamide fibers and textiles. Fluorescent Brightener CXT is ionic, with blue fluorescence. It has higher chlorine-resistant brightening efficiency than that of VBL and 31#. The most suitable PH value of dying bath is 7~10. Its light fastness is Grade 4. When used in detergent powder, its advantages are: high compatibility, high accumulative washing brightness, and adjustable dosage in industry.

Application scope:

1. Can be used in detergent, detergent powder, soap and perfumed soap to bring up bright and attractive appearance. 
2. Can be used to brighten cotton fiber, nylon and such textiles, has excellent brightening efficiency to artificial fibers, polyamide fibers and vinylon, and has good brightening efficiency to protein fibers and amino plastics.

Application method:

Solubility of Optical Brightener CXT in water is lower than brightener VBL and 31#. It can be diluted to 10% suspending solution with hot water for use. The solution should be kept out of the sun. Its dosage in detergent powder is 0.1-0.5%; in printing and dyeing industry is 0.1-0.3%.


It is packed in iron drum or carton drum lined with plastic bag; net weight: 20/25kg/drum or craft paper bag. It can also be packed in accord with client's requirements. .


Please prevent it from collision and insolation when transport it. It should be kept in cool, dry and ventilative warehouse. Storage period: 2 years.

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